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So, at some point today someone sent an e-mail…to just about everyone that works for the multi-billion dollar corporation where I work.  Over the next couple hours just about everyone sent out a version of either ‘I’m pretty sure this wasn’t meant for me’ or ‘please stop replying all’ and it got to the point that the company had to shut down the e-mail servers for the entire company.  I began to think that either 1. everyone who sent an e-mail should be fired, or 2. everyone who didn’t send an e-mail should get a raise.  Also, today finalized my decision to find a different job.  Not because of anything that happened today exactly, but because I had an opinion.  It came a little to close to TPS reports.


My lifeblarity is in the shitter



Your friends go through things that you wish you could go through for them. Sometimes all you can do is nothing. Sometimes you wish they could just go on with their day. Sometimes you feel helpless.




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It has been a while since I have had a Law and Order SVU marathon hangover.


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Sam Smith - “How Will I Know” (Whitney Houston cover) | Vulture

This is really good.  Sam Smith is an artist I’ve been excited about for a while.  I just kept hoping he would find a song that actually showcased his naturally pleasant voice.  The stuff he has out is not anything I’m interested in, but if he can create this type of feeling on something of his own, he could do something big.  This could be a single tomorrow, and I would buy…download it illegally from the internet.

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The Last Supper from Geoffrey Haney on Vimeo.

Book of Matches Media & Compass College of Cinematic Arts present
THE LAST SUPPER (Compass critique cut)
[extended cut, recolored, coming soon]

Writer, Directed & Edited by Geoffrey Young Haney
Produced by Juliene Winborne
Anders Appelhof-Lu was the Director of Photography
Starring Joseph Scott Anthony, Ryan Woodcox, Stephen Grey, and Michael Gordon

When a wayward hit-man takes a high-stakes job from his old mentor, he unwittingly enters into a friendship with his would-be mark and must decide whether to carry out his hit or to walk away.

One of my best friends made a film.  It is really good, and you should check it out. 

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